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Coronary Heart Disease

Safeguard Your Family’s Heart Health with Expert Guidance!

  • Written by International health researcher and author, Karen MacKenzie
  • Learn to protect your family from coronary heart disease
  • Understand the impact of modern, polluted lifestyles
  • Address nutrient deficiency caused by processed food and intensive farming
  • Expert guidance for a healthier life


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Protect Your Family’s Heart Health with Insights from International Health Researcher, Karen MacKenzie!

In the modern world, coronary heart disease has become a significant health concern due to the impact of polluted lifestyles. Processed food grown through intensive farming methods may lead to severe nutrient deficiencies that put our hearts at risk. But don’t worry; there is a solution!

In this comprehensive book, written by International health researcher and author, Karen MacKenzie, you will discover how to properly protect your entire family from the devastating effects of coronary heart disease. Karen’s expertise will guide you through understanding the root causes of this health issue and empower you with knowledge to combat it effectively.

Gain invaluable insights into the harmful effects of contemporary lifestyles and their role in heart disease. Learn how processed foods contribute to nutrient deficiencies and the impact this has on our heart health. Karen offers expert guidance and practical advice to help your family adopt healthier habits and safeguard your hearts for the long term.

Don’t let coronary heart disease dictate your family’s well-being. Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools provided in this book to lead a heart-healthy life. Karen MacKenzie’s expertise will inspire positive changes and pave the way for a happier and healthier future for your loved ones.

What’s included:

  • Book written by Karen MacKenzie



  • Author: Karen MacKenzie
  • Topics: Coronary heart disease prevention, impact of modern lifestyles, nutrient deficiencies, expert guidance for a healthier life