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Cordless Artificial Grass Power Brush – Lawn Sweeper

Keep your artificial grass looking at its best with this cordless electric brushing and sweeping machine

  • Perfectly maintain your artificial lawn effortlessly
  • Restore bounciness and lift flattened grass with ease
  • Sweep away leaves and debris with powerful efficiency
  • Lightweight and wire-free for effortless maintenance


Sku: EKGS20

Effortlessly maintain the perfect lawn with our Cordless Artificial Grass Power Brush and Lawn Sweeper

Maintaining the perfect appearance of your artificial lawn has never been easier, thanks to our Cordless Artificial Grass Power Brush and Lawn Sweeper. Designed to revitalize flattened grass and remove debris, this lightweight and wire-free machine offer effortless operation and exceptional results.

Even the highest quality artificial grass can lose its bounce over time, but with just one use per month of our Cordless Power Brush, you can restore its freshly laid appearance. Simply press the trigger to activate the brush and let it move powerfully forward while you pull back and “comb” the grass. Not only does it fluff up the grass, but it also effectively sweeps away leaves and debris, leaving your lawn looking pristine.

Equipped with an 18V DC input voltage and a 1500mAh lithium-ion battery, this powerful machine boasts a brush diameter of 140mm and can sweep a maximum width of 400mm. With a quick charging time of 3-5 hours, it’s ready to tackle your lawn maintenance tasks efficiently and effectively, ensuring your artificial grass remains in top condition all year round.


  • Input Voltage: DC18V
  • Battery Type/Capacity: Lithium-Ion/1500mAh
  • Charging Time: 3-5 Hours
  • Brush Diameter: 140mm
  • No Load Speed: 280r/min
  • Max Sweeping Width: 400mm
  • Total Height: 410mm

Handle with care and follow safety instructions provided in the user manual. The performance may vary based on the condition and type of artificial grass.