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Controller® Golf Driving Iron Men’s Right Handed Regular Graphite

Dominate Every Drive with Precision

  • Automatically corrects hooks and slices.
  • 15% more hitting power than woods.
  • More accuracy than conventional irons.
  • Smaller, heavier head for concentrated power.
  • Reduces drag, boosts club-head speed.


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CONT DRI IRN MEN LH REG GRAPHITE (DJ13) - Out of stock. We don't know when we'll get this back in stock


Drive with Unrivalled Power and Precision: Experience the Next Evolution in Golfing Irons.

Golfing has always been about precision, and The Controller® Driving Iron elevates that precision to an art form. With a patented shot-control system, this unique iron corrects hooks and slices, ensuring you remain on target, shot after shot. The game-changing ‘Roll and Bulge’ design compensates for off-centre shots, keeping your game consistent.

What truly sets The Controller® apart is its power. Outperforming drivers, its compact head is 15% heavier than most oversized steel and titanium drivers. This reduces drag and accelerates club-head speed, all while concentrating more mass directly behind the ball. It’s not just an iron; it’s your competitive edge.

For those serious about their game, no driver can match the concentration of power that The Controller® delivers. Its design considerations focus not only on performance but also on ensuring that each swing, whether on the fairway or the rough, is a testament to the golfer’s skill and the club’s unmatched capabilities.


  • Patented shot-control for optimal performance.
  • ‘Roll and Bulge’ design for improved accuracy.
  • Compact head design for reduced drag.
  • Increased club-head speed for powerful drives.
  • Suitable for golfers aiming for precision and power.


What’s Included:

  • The Controller® Driving Iron.
  • User guide detailing optimal usage techniques.



  • Material: Combination of steel and titanium.
  • Head weight: 15% heavier than standard drivers.
  • Design: Roll and Bulge for off-centre shot correction.


Note: While The Controller® Driving Iron provides an advantage, it’s essential to practice regularly to harness its full potential.