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Chimney & Drain Rods

Chimney Brush and Drain Rod Set – Effective Cleaning Combo!

  • 400mm (16”) Chimney Brush Head Included
  • Comprehensive 12-Piece Drain Rod Set
  • Ideal for General Domestic Drain Cleaning
  • Universal Joints and Crimped Riveted Rods
  • Double Worm Screw End for Obstruction Removal


Sku: WWD34744H

Efficiently Clean Your Chimney and Drains with our 12-Piece Set!

Introducing the Chimney Brush and Drain Rod Set, a versatile kit for effective cleaning. The set includes a 400mm (16”) chimney brush head, perfect for maintaining a clear and safe chimney. Additionally, it comes with a 12-piece drain rod set designed for general purpose domestic drain cleaning. The rods feature universal joints and crimped rivets for added durability.

This comprehensive set is equipped with a double worm screw end that excels at breaking up obstructions, while the plunger creates pressure to clear blockages. For optimal results, always rotate the rods in a clockwise direction. Whether you’re tending to your chimney or dealing with drain issues, this set is your reliable companion.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Chimney Brush Head (400mm/16”)
  • 12-Piece Drain Rod Set


  • Chimney Brush Head Size: 400mm (16”)
  • Drain Rod Set: 12 Pieces
  • Rod Material: Durable and Rust-Resistant
  • Usage: General Purpose Domestic Chimney and Drain Cleaning