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Bug Buster

Spider and Bug Remover with Vacuum Power!

  • Battery-powered spider and insect trap
  • Vacuum technology for safe removal
  • Hands-free release outside
  • No need to touch spiders or insects
  • Easy and effective solution


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Sku: H66660

Embrace a Spider-Free Environment with the Bug Buster Vacuum Spider Catcher and Bug Remover!

Say goodbye to unwanted spiders and insects without any hassle or fear with the Bug Buster Vacuum Spider Catcher and Bug Remover. This innovative device is designed to provide you with a hands-free and safe solution for removing spiders and insects from your living space.

Powered by batteries, the Bug Buster Vacuum utilizes vacuum technology to gently and effectively capture spiders and insects at arm’s length. No need to worry about getting too close or touching them – this device allows you to maintain a comfortable distance while achieving optimal results.

Simple and user-friendly, the Bug Buster Vacuum Spider Catcher and Bug Remover ensures a quick and efficient process. With a quick release outside, you can free the captured creatures away from harm and back into their natural environment without any direct contact. This means a spider-free space and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Whether you’re dealing with spiders, insects, or other small pests, this innovative tool provides an effective and humane solution for removal. Safely vacuum up these unwanted guests and release them outdoors without causing harm or discomfort.

The Bug Buster Vacuum Spider Catcher and Bug Remover is your ally in creating a spider-free and insect-free environment without the need for chemicals or direct contact. Experience the convenience and efficiency of this device and say goodbye to the stress of dealing with unwanted critters.


  • Battery-Powered: Operates using batteries for convenience and mobility.
  • Vacuum Technology: Gently captures spiders and insects for safe removal.
  • Hands-Free Release: Ensures a quick release outside without touching the creatures.
  • Easy to Use: User-friendly design for hassle-free spider and bug removal.
  • Effective Solution: Provides a humane way to create a pest-free environment.


What’s Included:

  • Bug Buster Vacuum Spider Catcher and Bug Remover device



  • Power Source: Battery-powered


Disclaimer: Follow instructions provided on the product manual for safe and effective use. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Elevate your pest control game with the Bug Buster Vacuum Spider Catcher and Bug Remover – the ultimate solution for hands-free, safe, and effective spider and bug removal.