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Brass Animal Head Walking Stick

Elegant Flask-Carrying Cane with Noble Animal Handle

  • Solid Cast Brass Animal Handle (Cat, Horse, or Dog)
  • Easily Detachable Handle with Sturdy Metal Thread
  • Concealed 2 cl Hip Flask in Secret Compartment
  • Secure Spring Mechanism for Flask Stability
  • 85cm Long Cane with Rubber Buffer


Sku: H66605-fig

Elevate Your Stroll with the Elegant Flask-Carrying Cane!

This distinguished gift stick is a work of art in three parts. Its handle, crafted from solid cast brass in the form of a cat, horse, or dog, can be effortlessly unscrewed from the stick thanks to a robust metal thread. Beneath lies a concealed hip flask with approximately 2 centilitres of capacity, nestled within a secret compartment. The flask is securely held in place by an internal spring, ensuring it remains protected against vibrations yet easily accessible once the handle is reattached.

The cane stands tall at 85cm, capped with a rubber buffer for added support. Please note, this cane is not intended for medical purposes or as a walker. The loads encountered in such applications would be too substantial. Instead, it is best suited for leisurely strolls or as an exquisite decorative piece.

Elevate your walking experience with this refined and functional flask-carrying cane. It seamlessly combines craftsmanship, elegance, and a touch of the unexpected.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Elegant Flask-Carrying Cane


  • Handle Material: Solid Cast Brass (Cat, Horse, or Dog)
  • Cane Length: 85cm
  • Flask Capacity: Approximately 2 cl
  • Usage: Suitable for Strolling and Decoration Only