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Body Toner 12


Dynamic Body Toner for Targeted Muscle Stimulation

  • Stimulates and tones muscle groups
  • Includes 12 electrode pads for precision
  • Adjustable intensity levels for customisation
  • Promotes muscle activity and strength
  • Portable design for convenient use

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Elevate Your Fitness Journey with Precision Muscle Stimulation

Introducing our Body Toner, a cutting-edge device designed to enhance muscle tone and stimulate targeted muscle groups effectively. This comprehensive system comprises a control unit and 12 specialised electrode pads strategically placed on specific muscle areas. The Body Toner’s primary function is to deliver controlled electrical impulses to the muscles, initiating contractions and relaxations. 

This dynamic process mirrors natural muscle activity, promoting toning and strengthening.Setting up the Body Toner is a breeze. Connect the 12 electrode pads to the control unit using the included cables. Place them on the desired muscle groups, whether it’s the abdomen, arms, legs, or back. This tailored approach ensures precise muscle engagement based on your individual fitness goals. 

What sets our Body Toner apart is its portability and freedom of movement. Unlike traditional systems, it doesn’t tether you to a power outlet. This means you can use it comfortably wherever you feel most motivated.

The control unit grants you full control over your toning experience. With adjustable intensity levels, you can fine-tune the electrical impulses to match your comfort level and fitness readiness. Start at a lower intensity and progressively increase it as your muscles adapt and grow stronger. 

Consistent use of the Body Toner can significantly contribute to muscle toning, strength development, and overall fitness. It’s important to note that while the Body Toner is a valuable tool, incorporating a well-rounded fitness regimen is key to achieving optimal results.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Control Unit
  • 12 Electrode Pads
  • Cables


  • Control Unit Dimensions: [Insert Dimensions]
  • Electrode Pad Dimensions: [Insert Dimensions]
  • Power Source: [Insert Power Source]
  • Intensity Levels: Adjustable
  • Targeted Muscle Groups: Abdomen, Arms, Legs, Back, etc.