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Bob Hope How’d Ya Like To Love Me

Classic Duets with Legendary Voices

  • 18 Timeless Tracks, 18 Unforgettable Duets
  • Bing Crosby, Ethel Merman, Margaret Whiting, and More
  • A Journey through Musical History
  • From “Blind Date” to “Thanks for the Memory”
  • Cherished Moments in Every Note


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Relive the Magic of Iconic Duets with Legendary Voices

Step back in time and relish the enchanting duets that defined an era. From the playful banter of “Blind Date” with Margaret Whiting to the effervescent charm of “Hoot Mon” with Bing Crosby, each track is a testament to the magic that happens when musical legends collaborate.

Let the dulcet tones of Shirley Ross in “Two Sleepy People” and Jane Russell in “Wing Ding Tonight” serenade you. Revel in the timeless elegance of Ethel Merman’s “It’s De Lovely” and the infectious camaraderie of Bing Crosby in “The Road To Bali” and “The Road To Morocco.”

Jimmy Durante brings his inimitable flair to “The Boys With The Proboscis,” while Martha Raye’s “How’d Ja Like To Love Me?” adds a touch of playful romance. From the toe-tapping beats of “Chicago Style” to the heartwarming “Heine’s and Moe’s,” every track is a treasure trove of musical brilliance.

These 18 duets aren’t just songs; they’re cherished moments captured in every note. Whether you’re swaying to the rhythm or savoring the lyrics, this collection promises to transport you to a golden age of music and create memories that last a lifetime.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Album with 18 Tracks


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