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Automatic Retractable Washing Line


Efficient Drying for Compact Spaces

  • Space-saving solution for small living spaces
  • Quick and easy installation with all necessary accessories included
  • User-friendly operation for hassle-free drying
  • Retractable design keeps lines clean and dry
  • Four strong string lines provide ample drying space

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Maximise Drying Efficiency in Minimal Space

Introducing the Automatic Wall-Mounted Drying Rack, a compact yet powerful solution for efficient laundry drying in small apartments, caravans, or tight spots. This space-saving marvel is designed with convenience in mind. Installing it is a breeze, as it comes complete with all the required screws, wall plugs, and hooks. Once set up, operation is a cinch – simply release the grey side knob, extend the grey bar to your desired length, secure it in the hooks, and tighten the strings using the knob. When your drying is done, removing the bar allows the lines to automatically retract into their dust and damp proof housing, ensuring they stay clean and dry. With four sturdy string lines, each extending 3.65 meters, you’ll have a total drying length of 14.65 meters at your disposal.

Experience the utmost convenience in laundry care. 

The Automatic Wall-Mounted Drying Rack is meticulously engineered to provide a seamless drying experience, even in the most compact living spaces. Its intuitive design ensures a straightforward installation process, eliminating any hassle typically associated with traditional drying methods. The included screws, wall plugs, and hooks have you covered, so you can enjoy a quick and trouble-free setup. Once in place, operating this space-saving wonder is a breeze. A simple release of the grey side knob allows you to extend the grey bar to your preferred length, effortlessly securing it in the hooks. Tightening the strings using the knob ensures a taut and stable drying surface, ready to accommodate your laundry.

When the last piece of clothing is perfectly dried, the Automatic Wall-Mounted Drying Rack offers an ingenious solution to keep your lines clean and moisture-free. Removing the bar from the hooks triggers an automatic retraction mechanism, smoothly tucking the lines away into their dust and damp-resistant housing. This not only maintains the cleanliness of your lines but also ensures their longevity and effectiveness. With four robust string lines, each with an extension of 3.65 meters, you’ll have an impressive total drying length of 14.65 meters at your disposal. This means you can confidently tackle larger loads of laundry without compromising on drying quality or space limitations. Say goodbye to the hassle of conventional drying methods and embrace the efficiency of the Automatic Wall-Mounted Drying Rack.

What’s Included:

  • Automatic Wall-Mounted Drying Rack
  • Screws, Wall Plugs, and Hooks
  • User Manual


  • Dimensions: Insert Dimensions
  • Weight: Insert Weight
  • Maximum Drying Length: 14.65 meters
  • Housing Type: Dust and Damp Proof