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Anti Dustmite Cloths

Battle dust mites; embrace cleaner living.

  • Targets allergy-causing dust mites
  • Enhance indoor hygiene
  • Durable and effective cloth design
  • Reduces mite reproduction rate
  • Suitable for the average home


Sku: H64865

Tackle dust mites head-on for a healthier home environment.

Description: Dust mites are a silent menace, known to trigger allergies and discomfort for countless individuals. Enter the Anti Dustmite Cloths, specifically designed to counteract these pesky inhabitants. While completely eradicating dust mites might seem an impossible task, our cloths aim to contain and significantly reduce their presence in your living spaces. Crafted for durability, these cloths are not just a temporary fix but a long-term solution. Their unique composition tackles mite reproduction, ensuring fewer new mites populate your home over time. Suitable for use throughout the average home, these cloths are a simple step towards a cleaner, healthier living environment.


  • Specialised cloth targets and traps dust mites
  • Durable design for long-term use
  • Contributes to a healthier indoor atmosphere
  • Designed to slow mite reproduction
  • Versatile for use in various home spaces

What’s Included:

  • Anti Dustmite Cloths


  • Usage: Suitable for average home interiors
  • Action: Contains and reduces dust mite presence