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Aloe Vera After Sun Gel 250ml

Soothe and Rejuvenate with Aloe Vera After Sun Gel!

  • Ideal for skin rejuvenation after sun exposure
  • Moisturise and restores skin moisture levels
  • Contains Aloe Vera and panthenol for softening and soothing
  • Comes in a 250ml container


Sku: H66641

Experience the ultimate relief and rejuvenation after sun exposure with our Aloe Vera After Sun Gel. 

Enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera, this gel is specially formulated to moisturise and restore the skin’s moisture levels, leaving it soft, supple, and refreshed. Say goodbye to dry, irritated skin and embrace the soothing and softening benefits of Aloe Vera.

After a day under the sun, your skin deserves the best care possible. Aloe Vera has long been known for its skin-nourishing properties, and our After Sun Gel takes full advantage of its benefits. Along with Aloe Vera, the gel also contains panthenol, which further enhances its softening and soothing effects on the skin’s epithelial cells.

With our Aloe Vera After Sun Gel, you can effectively revitalise and rejuvenate your skin, providing the much-needed relief and care it deserves after sun exposure. Keep your skin moisturise and pampered, even after spending hours in the sun, with our 250ml Aloe Vera After Sun Gel.

What’s Included:

  • 1 bottle of Aloe Vera After Sun Gel (250ml)



  • Product: Aloe Vera After Sun Gel
  • Volume: 250ml