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Agojama 18v Power Tool Set

Power Up Your Projects with the Agojama 18V 4-Piece Kit

  • Versatile combi drill/screwdriver
  • High-speed circular saw for precise cuts
  • Lightweight jigsaw for diverse materials
  • Handy torch for enhanced visibility
  • Unified by one Agojama 18V battery


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Sku: H66903

The ultimate quartet for your DIY endeavours, powered by Agojama 18V.

Introducing the 4-piece cordless kit, a game-changer for all DIY enthusiasts. At the heart of this set is the Agojama 18V battery, ensuring that each tool delivers optimum performance. Starting with the 25C675 Combi Drill/Screwdriver, its ergonomic design assures user comfort, making drilling and screwdriving tasks a breeze. Whether it’s wood, metal or plastics, this versatile tool has got you covered.

Next, the 25C6704 Circular Saw is your trusted companion for smooth and powerful wood cuts, achieving a high rotation speed of 2350rpm. For detailed cuts, the 25C6702 Cordless Jigsaw, with its compact design, stands ready. Not only is it adept at cutting through wood, but metals and plastics as well.

To brighten up your workspace, the 25C6703 Torch is an essential addition. Whether you’re working in dimly lit conditions or need that extra spotlight on intricate tasks, this torch will shine through.


  • Ergonomic handles for comfortable usage
  • High-performance tools unified by one Agojama 18V battery
  • Keyless chuck on the combi drill for easy bit changes
  • Tools designed for precision and efficiency
  • Soft-grip handles to ensure a firm grasp


What’s Included:

  • 25C675 Combi Drill/Screwdriver
  • 25C6704 Circular Saw
  • 25C6702 Cordless Jigsaw
  • 25C6703 Torch
  • Agojama 18V battery (sold separately)



  • Battery: Agojama 18V
  • Circular Saw Speed: 2350rpm
  • Max Depth of Cut (Circular Saw): 36mm
  • Max Depth of Cut (Jigsaw): 50mm