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2-Piece Designer Luggage

Travel Light, Travel Smart with Accanti.

  • Advanced ABS technology
  • Ultra-lightweight and strong
  • Reinforced aluminium frame
  • Extra 5kg baggage bonus
  • Triple lock security system


Sku: UC100103-FIG

The Future of Travel: Unparalleled Strength Meets Feather-Light Convenience.

Elevate your travel experience with the next evolution in luggage—Accanti. Crafted meticulously using the advanced ABS material, Accanti luggage is a game-changer in modern-day travel. This state-of-the-art material is revolutionizing the travel industry, thanks to its impressive combination of strength and lightweight properties.

What sets Accanti apart? Firstly, the strength of ABS ensures that your luggage can withstand the rigours of travel, safeguarding your belongings like never before. Yet, it does so without the usual weight baggage. Coupled with a reinforced aluminium frame, Accanti cases are remarkably lightweight. This weight efficiency translates into a significant advantage for travellers: up to an extra 5kg allowance on a standard 20kg airline limit.

Open an Accanti, and its smart interior will impress you. Fully lined with a cushioned back, it promises to cradle your belongings. The central divider, featuring a full-length clear-view mesh pocket, ensures that packing remains a breeze. And to ensure everything remains intact, easy lock/release elasticated tension straps have been incorporated.

But it’s not just about the inside. Security is paramount, and Accanti does not compromise. With a robust triple lock system—two key locks and one combination lock—your belongings are under maximum protection. And for those weary of pesky airline stickers? Accanti’s unique textured exterior ensures their easy removal, keeping your luggage looking pristine.


  • Superior ABS Material: The best in modern luggage technology.
  • Weight Advantage: Gain up to an extra 5kg on airline allowances.
  • Organised Packing: Central divider with a clear-view mesh pocket.
  • Maximum Security: Triple lock system for heightened safety.
  • Practical Design: Textured exterior for easy sticker removal.


What’s Included:

  • 1 Accanti Luggage
  • Triple lock security system (2 key locks, 1 combination lock)
  • Central divider with clear-view mesh pocket
  • Elasticated tension straps



  • Material: Advanced ABS with reinforced aluminium frame
  • Interior: Cushioned backed lining, divider, mesh pocket, tension straps
  • Locks: 2 key locks, 1 combination lock
  • Exterior: Unique textured design


Ensure to follow manufacturer guidelines and travel regulations when using the luggage. Avoid over-packing to prevent potential damages. Always keep lock combinations confidential for safety.