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2.4” Digital Dash Cam with Infrared Night Vision

Drive Safe: Record, Protect, Replay

  • Large 2.4” digital display
  • Easy-mount suction cup design
  • High-quality AVI footage capture
  • Built-in G-sensor for collision detection
  • Parking monitoring mode



Capture Every Journey: Day or Night with Infrared Vision!

Embrace peace of mind while driving with the 2.4” Digital Dash Cam, enhanced with infrared night vision. This device is not just a camera; it’s an investment in safety, allowing you to record crucial details of your journeys.

The dash cam boasts a vast 2.4” digital display, providing a clear view of recordings. Its user interface is meticulously designed to be uncomplicated, ensuring all drivers can operate it with ease. Mounting it is a breeze thanks to the adjustable suction cup mount, effortlessly attaching to your windscreen.

Quality is at the core of this device. It reliably records in high-quality AVI format, ensuring that all details of your trip are captured with clarity. One of its standout features is the built-in G-sensor which detects sudden collisions, immediately safeguarding the related footage from deletion. Additionally, the built-in microphone provides an option to capture audio, offering a comprehensive recording experience.

A standout feature is the parking monitoring mode. Should your parked vehicle face an unexpected collision, the dash cam springs to life, recording the event and, like the G-sensor, ensures the footage remains protected.


  • Large Display: Enjoy clear playback with the 2.4” digital screen.
  • Effortless Mounting: The adjustable suction cup mount ensures hassle-free attachment.
  • Quality Recording: Captures moments in high-quality AVI format.
  • Accident Detection: Built-in G-sensor automatically protects crucial footage post-collision.
  • Parking Peace of Mind: Automatic recording in case of parking incidents.


What’s Included:

  • 1x 2.4” Digital Dash Cam with Infrared Night Vision
  • 1x Adjustable Suction Cup Mount
  • User Manual


For a safer drive and the assurance of evidence when it matters most, this 2.4” Digital Dash Cam is the co-driver you need.