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12v Heated Car/Travel Blanket

Stay Warm on the Go with 12V Heated Car Blanket

  • Plugs into Car’s Cigarette Lighter
  • Fast Heating and Long Cord
  • Compact and Portable Design


Sku: H63196

Experience Cozy Comfort Anywhere with Our 12V Heated Car/Travel Blanket

When you’re on the road and the temperature drops, our 12V Heated Car/Travel Blanket is your go-to companion for staying warm and comfortable. This soft and plush electric blanket is designed to make every journey, whether in a car, truck, SUV, or RV, a cozy experience.

Simply plug it into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, and watch it heat up quickly to provide you with soothing warmth. What sets our blanket apart is its long 96-inch cord, ensuring that even passengers in the backseat can enjoy the snug comfort on cool weather road trips.

Our heated fleece throw is not just warm; it’s also incredibly convenient. It folds easily, making it perfect for stashing in your car trunk or backseat without taking up too much space. Say goodbye to shivers during your travels and hello to the portable luxury of warmth.


  • Plugs into any car’s cigarette lighter.
  • Fast heating and long 96-inch cord.
  • Compact and portable design for easy storage.

Whether you’re on a long road trip or simply need some extra warmth during your travels, our 12V Heated Car/Travel Blanket has got you covered. Experience the joy of cozy comfort wherever you go, and never let the cold weather dampen your adventures again.