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11 LED Extendable Magnetic Inspection Light


Illuminate Anywhere, Hands-Free!

  • Auto-switch on when extended
  • High-power LED brightness
  • Angle adjustable from 0-90°
  • Magnetic base for convenience
  • Includes 3 x AAA batteries

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Sku: H66481

Brighten Your Tasks with Hands-Free Convenience!

Discover the perfect blend of functionality and innovation with our High-Power LED Torch. With an auto-switch feature that activates when the lamp is extended, it ensures instant illumination without any hassle. The torch’s high-power LED promises superior brightness, making it versatile for various tasks and environments.

Designed with your needs in mind, the torch can be angled anywhere from 0 to 90 degrees, offering targeted illumination where you need it the most. Whether you’re working under a car, in dimly lit spaces, or during a power outage, its magnetic base lets you work hands-free, attaching securely to any metal surface.

Powered by 3 x AAA batteries, which are included, you’re all set for immediate use upon purchase. The torch’s sleek design ensures it’s both compact when closed and extends to provide a broader light span. Whether for personal tasks, outdoor adventures, or professional work, this torch stands out in reliability and efficiency.


  • Auto activation upon extension
  • Adjustable angling for precision lighting
  • Secure and hands-free with magnetic base
  • High-power LED for optimum brightness
  • Compact design with extending feature


Power: High-power LED
Battery: 3 x AAA (included)
Adjustable Angle: 0-90°
Dimensions (Closed): 195mm (H) x 33mm (W) x 27mm (D)
Dimensions (Extended): 285mm (H) x 33mm (W) x 27mm (D)


Equip yourself with a torch that combines convenience with power, making your tasks brighter and more efficient.